BULLBROKERS Company is established in May 2003 During these years we have proven to be a reliable and loyal partner

BULLBROKERS Company is certified according the requirements of EN ISO 9001-2015 standard and has accreditation - English - (UKAS)

About us

We develop the following activities

Commodity exchange brokering

Trading of the Sofia Stock Exchange


Project management in the field of European and international programs and funds

Areas of activities

BULLBROKERS Company is established in May 2003 to operate in the following fields:

BULLBROKERS is a trustworthy, committed and recognised partner for the implementation of perspective, high quality and well planned services on Sofia Commodity Exchange. BULLBROKERS provides specialized high quality technological equipment on optimal prices. The company is experienced in the development and implementation of quality management so that we can show our full understanding and meet our clients’ needs. We achieve this through:

- Committed leadership and transparent management practices;
- Investment in people and encouragement of innovation;
- Continuous learning and development of the teams potential
- Provision of consultations and assistance that meet the needs of our clients;
- Ongoing control of the effectiveness and people’s performance;
- Social responsibility.